Hello my name is failure

(I wrote this a few years ago when I was going through a really rough time at church. I am happy to report that God is still good and Christ is still enough. Praise God who brings beauty out of ashes.) I love the stories of failures. I must be a sick human being, but I like it when others screw up. I watch those “epic fails” on the interwebs and I eat them up. There’s something very human about messing up. This is why if I had to pick a favorite apostle I would definitely be Team Peter. Paul is certainly a stud, but Peter is relatable. I can relate to being cowardly and not standing up for Jesus. I can relate to being hypocritical and choosing the crowd over my convictions. I can relate to

Easter Sermon

The stars have aligned and Easter Sunday and April fools are on the same day. The last time this happened was 1956 and the next time will be 2029 and 2040. I can imagine that pastor have been licking their chops since they discovered that this would happen today. Pastors are a peculiar folk, dorks you might say, present company excluded of course. I don’t know if what I’ll be doing in 11 years so I have to seize the day as well. In a way, Easter is the ultimate prank on the devil. Satan rejoiced when Jesus was murdered and then buried as though evil had won and then on Sunday Jesus rose to life. Jesus swallowed death and brought us victory. This connection between Easter and pranks has been

Father into your hands I commit my Spirit

Over the last 7 weeks we’ve been looking at the cross, specifically Jesus’ last words on the cross. We’ve devoted a sermon to each of his last sayings. One of the reasons I wanted to do this is to really get us to think on it. There’s a dangerous thing that can happen when we are always close to the things of God. We begin to take them for granted. Familiarity with things sometimes breeds complacency and that’s a horrible thing to happen in the church. I think of Judas who was close to Jesus but missed out on what Jesus was doing. I don’t want that to be the case with anyone here in church. We say so often that Jesus died for our sins that I don’t want us overlook how much He loved us. So if

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